The first post

Why start a blog? It’s been on my mind for some time now. I’ve gone back and forth on this wondering if my thoughts would reach anybody out there, and finally came to the whopping conclusion: maybe.

I recently attended a work conference where many of those in attendance are “bloggers” or “vloggers”. Some of them share information that is educational, others exclusively share experiences. The variety of topics are endless, and they have all found their select group of followers that go nuts for the stuff. This made me realize that somewhere out there, someone is going to relate to what you have to say no matter what.

This is a blog about my experiences. Specifically, this is a blog about how the world of horses has touched my life in so many ways, and how I don’t think I would be the same person without them. Horses are amazing, powerful, fragile, sensitive animals of prey that have been adapted to accept a human being as their partner. That’s right, a human being, a regular predator, can be partners with an animal of prey. This simple fact fascinates me.

I entered the world of horses as a 10 year old (earlier if you count my obsession with horses via television and Breyer horse models). Because of my early obsession, a fellow horse obsessed friend’s parents suggested that she and I attend a horse riding summer camp together. My parents agreed, and I am so thankful for this fateful decision.

That summer riding camp in Tomball, TX turned a tiny obsession into a full addictive lifestyle. This blog is about all that I have learned from my interactions with horses since that first day of camp. It’s about what they’ve taught me, how they’ve helped me grow, how they’ve helped me through the toughest times in my life, and much more.

This blog is my life’s journey on the backs of horses.