My introduction – the atypical equestrian

The number one most important fact that you need to know about me is that I am not a horse owner. While it’s an ongoing dream of mine to find that perfect four-hooved partner and soak in the sweaty-musty-dirty-yet-sweet horse smell, it has not been in the cards for me thus far.

If you’ve read my first blog post you know that my physical horse obsession began at age 10 with a life-altering horse riding summer camp. While every other girl who attended that camp ended up at some point being a horse owner, I did not. While I tried very hard to convince my parents that horse ownership was a fantastic idea, they did not agree. They were not horse people.

Horses cost too much
Horses take up too much time
Horses are too much work
Horses are impractical 
Horses will restrict your freedom

They were right.

Did I think my parents were right as a kid? Absolutely not. As life moved on I discovered many other alternatives to horse ownership that would provide me with my horse fix. There were times of course when I jumped back to pondering the possibilities of ownership, but the twists and turns of life never allowed it.

College was not the right time for me for the sake of maintaining my grades. Shortly after graduating I married my husband, an active duty soldier. His first duty station after college was Germany, and well, a newly graduated adult cannot afford to ship a horse overseas. This brought on a move every 3 or so years, and I did not think it feasible to move a horse every 3 years as well. I was also terrified of the thought of owning a horse and then having to give it up due to a move. I wanted my horse to be forever.

While this has not dampened my dream to be a horse owner, I look back and see how my life would not be what it is today if I had been strapped down to caring for a lovely steed. I thank my parents for their foreseeing wisdom. Through alternative methods of satisfying my equine addiction, I have known many a horse and I have earned many wonderful memories. These experiences have helped me grow, and kept me grounded and humble.

To all the dreamers out there who fantasize about their heart-horse, I say unto you: No horse? No problem.

tune in to the next post for alternatives to ownership and how to reap their benefits

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